McMillan Family Findings

After much thought, I have decided to close down this site.

It was originally designed for descendants to get in contact with each other and share their information. The Internet has changed vastly and there are many other ways to accomplish this now. Instead of site design and maintenance, I will be focusing that time on my family research.

Please feel free to contact me on my main site: Family Findings

John McMillan and his wife, Mary Arnott, were born in Scotland. Shortly after their marriage, in 1754, John and Mary went to visit friends living in the north of Ireland. For a few years the couple lived a peaceful, quiet life in Ireland, but then decided to move to America. It is recorded that John and Mary lived in Orange County for a few years after they first settled in New York. They reached New Perth (now Salem) early in the summer of 1765.

John McMillan enrolled himself during the Revolutionary War in Col. Webster's regiment of militia, county of Charlotte (Washington) New York land bounty rights men. He was given a grant of land in Washington Co., N. Y., by the general government in consideration of his services.

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